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  • These are paid articles in which link of the advertiser can be inserted on request. A reader can click on the link for further information by visiting the advertiser’s website.
  • Your ad campaign will make an impact with this digital ad options on our website, redesigned for optimal responsiveness and engagement on all devices.
  • News1Kannada is a web portal which can be accessed from anytime and from anywhere. Being on internet is the most advantageous thing because more and more people are surfing internet. Many people surf internet from their mobile phones and News1Kannada website can be viewed easily on phones.
  • If you give advertisement in newspaper, it remains there for only one day and IT CANNOT BE SEARCHED on INTERNET. On the other hand if you get article about your product/business published on News1Kannada it will remain on internet forever. Also whenever people will search in Google about anything related to your product/business, the article will show up. So why to spend huge amount on advertising in print media for one day by paying lakhs of rupees.

Therefore your business must have a lot of presence on internet.

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